18/9/2011 – Storm Damage Response

The Belmont / Vic Park unit responded to three calls for assistance on Sunday the 18th of September.

One was a large branch that had broken off a white gum, and fallen across a driveway, blocking the owners car in their carport. A team of 4 used chainsaws for about 2 hours to remove the debris from the driveway.

Another call was for a broken skylight. Upon inspection, the polycarbonate roofing material had become brittle over time and had cracked in places. The team used silicon to fill the cracks and placed sandbags to prevent the sheets from lifting.

The third call was for a fallen down fence.

8/9/2011 – New Website

Today is the launch of our new website. It will enable us to update it more readily with new items, so keep an eye on our “news” page.

Thanks goes out to John Saffrey and Suzi Hayward for their input and motivation to move to a new website.

3/9/2011 – Car versus House

Around 12pm on Saturday the 3rd of August, the unit responded to a request for assistance from the Fire and Rescue Service. One pillar of a carport had been knocked down and the carport (which is under the main roof) fell to the ground, damaging the car that was in there. No one was injured.

The orange acrow prop is not ours – it was put there by the owner’s builder a few months ago.