4/6/2011 – Volunteers wielding chainsaws

With the winter season fast approaching, Belmont SES volunteers tested their chainsaw skills on the weekend.

With our new premises soon to commence construction, we decided it was a good chance to tidy up the bushland surrounding our future building. As the SES doesn’t actually fell trees (we leave the hard work to the professional contractors) , we practiced our techniques on fallen and dead timber found on the premises.

“It was a good refresher on our skills before winter.”  States Training Manager, Suzi Hayward. “During winter we get calls to a lot of properties damaged by uprooted trees or falling limbs damaged by strong winds.”

To prevent the SES having to visit your house after a storm, ensure your trees are trimmed back from buildings and especially from power lines. NEVER work around powerlines – leave that to the professionals. See Western Power for approved contractors.