• 26/1/2015 – Australia Day Skyshow

    Our unit, along with Cockburn, Canning / South Perth and Bassendean, run a river ambulance service in conjunction with St Johns.

    The need for this service arose when a road ambulance could not get through traffic with a critical patient on board from the south side of the river.

    We were used three times this year, with the last just as the fireworks were starting, so we had a really good view as we headed towards the flag pole on the north side of the river.

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  • 12/1/2015 – Keith’s tree

    We were called by one of our own to assist with a tree that had fallen across his driveway, preventing him from getting his car out. I must admit that this is the first time that I have attended a member’s house and I think the “carton rules” apply…

    Quite a large white gum – about 15m high and a trunk of about 800mm diameter. The tree appeared to have some rot and ant activity.

    It ended up taking about 2 hours to finish the job with 4 chainsaw operators using 3 saws.

    Photos courtesy of Terri Dufty.

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  • 6/1/2015 – 2014 Update

    So its been a while since we last published anything to our website.

    2014 was quite a busy year for us. At the end of the year, we had a total of 45 active members that contributed to approximately 5,000 hours of training and 330 hours of callouts.

    Training highlights for the year were Senior First Aid, storm damage training with Welshpool FRS, Camp in May/June, 4WD course and a Chainsaw course.

    We also competed in the 2014 Metro SES Challenge, and came out on top for the second time in 10 years.

    In 2015, our training will focus on integration between sections, team leader development, 2 inductions, inter-service and inter-unit training, more exercises and another camp (or two).

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  • 5/10/2013 – Chainsaw Continuation Training

    Last weekend the Belmont unit held some continuation training for our chainsaw qualified members. This also provided a taste of the chainsaw action for some non-qualified members. Thanks to Stuart Romero for arranging the day, some interesting activities and for passing on some of his thorough knowledge on the subject. Also, thank you to all that participated. Those members that attended without the qualification, we hope to see you on the next course.





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  • 13/5/2012 – Storm Damage Course

    On the weekend of the 12/13 May we held a storm damage course at the new still empty building, working from our brand new rescue truck as well.

    The course covered all the skills necessary to attend a Storm Damage incident including working safely at height, temporary repairs, basic building construction and roof safety systems.

    Some people managed to overcome some fears and others had no problems walking on roofs but everyone worked together to achieve a common goal and conduct temporary repairs.

    All in all the course was a great success and we now have 6 more trained members.

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  • 6/4/2012 – Tree vs House

    Today we had a call out to help a resident with a tree that had fallen on her house. The tree was very dead and had been limbed back to the main trunk. Today was the day for it to fall over…

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  • 3/1/2012 – Callout Videos

    FESA have posted the Callout videos on their website and can be viewed here.

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  • 21/11/2011 – NURE Course

    The Navigate in Urban and Rural Environments (NURE) course was run on the 19th and 20th of November. 20 students participated both days, with the first day in class learning theory, and the majority of the second day out at John Forrest National Park.

    A few photos from day 2 are below (credit to John Saffrey).

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  • 13/11/2011 – NURE Course Prep

    Three members went for a walk in John Forrest National Park in preparation for the Navigate in Urban and Rural Environments (NURE) course coming up this weekend. It was a good walk, and one leg had to be changed due to recent fire activity in the area.

    Everything went well, except for the last leg when one member entered the co-ordinates wrong into the GPS and was a kilometre to the north of where they should be. The track is shown below from NURE4 in a NW direction. They were supposed to go to POI027. This will be a “Dip-Stick” award nomination for sure…

    They realised their mistake and walked back to NURE3.

    It will be a good course, with roughly 20 students and 5 instructors from Belmont, Mounted Section, Training Centre and Canning.

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  • 31/10/2011 – New Unit – Lock-up Stage

    The new unit is now at lock-up stage, getting ever closer to our move in. Everyone at the unit is super excited about moving over to the purpose built facility.

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