21/1/2012 – Carnarvon Deployment

Two volunteers from the Belmont SES have been deployed up North to drive 4wds. A fire North-east of Carnarvon has been burning since the 27th December, and has currently burnt through almost 500,000 hectares.

Thursday saw one of our volunteers Damian Allard deployed, and today Kyle Ellice was also deployed. Both leave their jobs and family behind for 7 days to assist those fighting the fires, working in extreme heat and exhaustion.

Both will be working to deliver food and water to the hungry firefighters on the frontline, which could involve quite some travel with a fire perimeter close to 800kms.

Have a look at the map below courtesy of DEC.


The boys have also been joined by 6 other SES volunteers from across the Metro Area.

Good luck to all the responders up there!

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